A few words about what we do

We're a small and talented software solutions team based out of Sydney, Australia. Our team has more then a decade of experience building software solutions and we are proud of what we've achieved to-date.

About Streben

Established in 2002, Streben is a leader in providing Vending Management Solutions in Australia. Being Australian owned and operated; we have designed and develop products that scalable and customisable to suite ever-changing customer needs. Our focus since inception is to empower Australian business with innovative integrated wireless solutions.   Our services range from providing strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions for customers.

Streben has a 25 years of experience in providing business feasible hardware, software solutions for businesses to sustain and grow. Over the last 10 years we have developed various software and hardware solutions to support repair, replenish and monitoring solutions for local vending businesses in Australia

Streben strives to provide latest cutting edge solutions to business at affordable prices. Streben and its equipment & service partners makes it a one-stop shop for businesses who seek to get vending software/hardware solutions, equipment and service support for their asset.

Streben’s motto is connecting people-to-people, people-to-business, and people-to-equipment. Furthermore, its objective is to increase quality, performance and profitability for our customers.

Why Choose Streben?

Streben is specialist software solutions company specialising in Vending Machine innovations. The relaunch of Streben’s latest ‘vManager’ a new age product focused at business interested in using vending machines to dispense products to a definite set of users.


What does it do?

vManager has two components to ensure accurate delivery. Firstly is a dedicated Integration server and is a Web application. VManager is currently designed to work with specific Card systems installed on vending machines. Our vManager product integrates with RFID systems and provides complete end to end control in realtime over who, when, where customers purchase and volume products dispensed.

How does it work

End users are issued swipe-key which can be read by the vending machine dispensing products. The vending machines are connected to the internet using an Ethernet connection or a 3G Wireless Modem. Periodically each vending machine communicates with Streben Interconnectivity cloud based Server.