VManager (Vend Manager) is a software solution focused at business interested in using vending machines to dispense products to a definite set of users. Typically vManager integrates with an RFID system and envisages to give a complete control of who, when, where and how much has bought the products.
What does it do?

VManager has two components to ensure accurate delivery. Firstly is a dedicated Integration server and is a Web application. VManager is currently designed to work with specific Card systems installed on vending machines.


How does it work? 
End users will be issued key tags which can be swiped in front of the Key Reader on the vending machine dispensing PPE products. The vending machines can be connected to the internet using an Ethernet connection or a 3G Wireless Modem. Periodically vending machines communicate with Streben Interconnectivity server. This server is designed to communicate with various vending machines using a proprietor communication protocol between Card Readers and the Server. Integration Server ensures that the communication with each vending machine is active and captures sales related information from the vending machines and saves them into a database. There is a smart web application designed which uses this information from the database and renders business specific information on a web page.

What are the various features of vManager?
VManager is a strong tool designed to support various business partners through a common interface. Typically, by using vManager a business can give access to product suppliers, manufacturers as well as customers. Furthermore, vManager supports activating and deactivating key tags on vending machines remotely through a simple web interface. A comprehensive variety of reports, which can be utilised by various business partners e.g. sales report by site and sales report by supplier. VManager supports vending machine operators with an asset management module, which is utilised to allocate vending machines to various customer sites.

Below are some screen shots from the application.