vService is a fully, featured service package aimed at the management of workshop and in field equipment service. vService seeks to address the service management industry’s requirements by incorporating three important perspectives.

Asset Owners

Asset Management is a capital intensive process. Correct management of assets is essential in maximizing profitability. Module objective is to provide a comprehensive asset management different asset owners.
Service Providers – By incorporating service providers. vService allows modern outsource modeled organisations to operate as a consistent whole. This system assists in managing diverse contractors by providing a national process with checks and balances. Module objective is to effectively manage the job delivery supply chain globally.

Equipment Manufacturer

By recording manufacturer and model details and linking them to the current locations, efficiency can be obtained by assisting field service staff in attending malfunctions with the correct parts for repairs. Module objective is to reduce response time by providing necessary knowledge about customers, requests and equipment.

vService technical architecture underpins the service delivery process by using a secure internet connection as a mode of communication linking business workforce to equipment and business.

Overall objective vService is to provide a fully managed software as a service solution leveraging cloud based infrastructure to increase service delivery quality, business performance and workforce productivity by providing a platform to support Response, Parts and Asset.

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